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Guest Blog Post – The Initiate Brother Duology: Understated, Underrated Epic Fantasy from Sean Russell. Writting by Stephen Taylor

Believe it or not, most people like long(er) stories—and there are psychological explanations for why. One central finding in the literature is that by simply spending more time with the characters and events of a story, you get more emotionally invested in said characters and events. So, despite the investment of time, audiences like going … More

The Misfit Soldier by Michael Mammay

Military science fiction has been a staple of the genre dating all the way back to Joe Haldeman with The Forever War. At least as far back as my reading experiences have taken me. What do you get when you combine a war story with Ocean’s Eleven? A comic adventure staring a POV with the … More

Aestus: The City (Book 1) by S.Z. Attwell

The devastating effects of Global Warming has made the surface of the earth so devastating that society has turned to the underground for shade and shelter. This has been the way of life for centuries and for Jossey, its just another day on the circut. Until one day her life will change forever and she … More


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