The Scarab Path by Adrian Tchaikovsky Shadows of the Apt #5

The war between the Wasp Empire and the Collegium has ended in a stalemate with victims on both sides of the battle. No one is sure what the next steps are but the one certainty is that this stalemate will not last forever. The Empire is regaining control over several imperial cities with sights set … More

Citadel of Fire by Matthew Wolf Book #2 of the Ronin Saga

We return to the dangerous lands of Farhaven where ancient evil is returning but also the best warriors to defeat this peril, the Ronin. Samurai like warriors with the power of the nine elements are slowly returning to the world and all parties are searching for them. Gray discovers that he is the Ronin of … More

Sundered Souls by Tim Hardie The Brotherhood of the Eagle #2

Rothgar has joined forces with the Brotherhood of the Eagle following the loss of his home to the invasion of the Vorund Clan. Led by the ruthless Adalrikr Asmarrson, the land of Laskar is thrown into chaos as evil spirits, known as the durath, return to the land of the living once again. Rothgar and … More


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