#CoverReveal – Mirror in Time

I am excited to be hosting this cover reveal (as well as further details) for D. Ellis Overttun’s latest novel! Mirror in Time is a standalone, time traveling story and the author’s fourth published novel. I am delighted to share the cover reveal below: My wife, Natasha, suggested I approach Blaise for a cover reveal … More

Grievar’s Blood by Alexander Darwin Book 2 of The Combat Codes Saga

Alexander Darwin decides to change his approach up when writing the highly anticipated sequel in his martial arts trilogy. Instead of focusing primarily on Cego and Murray as we saw in Combat Codes, Darwin expands his POV characters to include Solara and The Slayer. It is always a challenge to introduce new characters especially when … More

Herald of the Storm by R. S Ford Steelhaven #1

Welcome to Steelhaven, the city of strength and prosperity on the south cost of the kingdom. King Cael has united the free cities under his rule and Steelhaven has undergone a golden age, but a shadow lingers over the city in the form of the dread Elharim warlord, Amon Tugha. Amon Tugha’s herald infiltrate’s the … More


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