The Shadow Galaxy by J. Dianne Dotson

I received an ARC from Trepidatio Publishing in exchange for a honest review. This short story collection was a breath of fresh and just the kind of palate cleanser I needed. After reading my extensive list of epic fantasy giants which I love to pieces, this collection made me appreciated all the different stories fiction can offer. There is a story for everyone in the book and if you don’t find one right away, keep turning the page.

Since this is a collection of shorts, novella’s, and poems I can’t really discuss the plot or characters of any of the stories without giving away and spoilers. Instead, I wanted give an overview for how the collection is constructed and the beauty in the words waiting to be discovered. The first set of stories is geared more towards the horror genre with some spooky stories to get your blood pressure going. Then we alternated between sci-fi and fantasy in the next section and this was by far by favorite part. The two best stories in my honest opinion are here and so happen to be right next to each other. Void Mage was an awesome story about a girl walking by train tracks when a big boom appears out of no where. The other one is The Scaffold and this one was intriguing and scary. I sure hope the worlds get expanded for these two.

This was my first novel read by J. Dianne Dotson but it will surely not be the last. She has a sci-fi series I can’t wait to since my teeth into this coming year. Everyone will kind a story that resonates with them in this collect, just be sure to have your popcorn ready come March 3rd, 2023!


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  1. “…a collection of shorts, novella’s, and poems…” Interesting. My first sci-fi book is a collection of short stories, and post-apocalyptic poems and tales. Good to see other authors mixing it up!


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