A Contract in Sol Forne (The Eight Chant #2) by Christopher Warman and Elan Marche

I received a copy of this book from the authors in exchange for a honest review. Ever since I finished The Seasons of Albadone in 2021, I have been on pins and needles waiting for the next book in the series to drop. For those of you who have not read the first novel in this series, its a short book taking place in one town of Albadone over four season. Each season we follow different characters and the themes are dark fairytales that will not provide the happy ending you will hope for. A Contract in Sol Forne is one continuous story with the same master stroke the authors brought to the table in book one. Just with more intensity, characters you can connect with on a deeper level, and the dark deeds people and beings will need to do in accomplishing their goals. An excellent continuation in this series!

Even though I say this book is the second book in The Eight Chant Series, I can honestly say that you do not need to have read The Seasons of Albadone to enjoy it. Consider this a fresh entry point into the world and let the magic take you where it may. Vaelin is an ancient djinn on a mission to find the artifact to which she was enslaved and her travels will take her to the city of Sol Forne. The world has changed so much since Vaelin had last walked this land but she won’t let anything stand in her way. Vaelin enters into contracts with people through a blood pact otherwise she would be overtaken with pain. Once the pact is formed, the person is granted one wish for Vaelin to fulfil no matter how dark the outcome may be. Dorovan is an arrogant youth from a disgruntled noble family set out to prove himself. He gets into some trouble and is way in over his head until he comes across Vaelin in a Sol Forne bar. One thing will lead to another before they form a contract themselves and this is will unravel the very essence of Sol Forne and the natural cycle itself.

Let me say right off the bat that this novel is an improvement on the very promising debut The Seasons of Albadone. For the writing itself, to the characterization and tone, and the constantly moving pace throughout this novel. Vaelin is a very complex character in the fact that she is not human and has different desires and goals than the people around her. With hundreds of years of memory and history to draw on Vaelin is constantly adjusting to her surrounding environment. The under currents of guilds, crime, and everything in between will be slowly unveiled with Vaelin and Dorovan and it will bring many surprises. I will say that I enjoyed reading Renna’s chapters quite a bit and wish that we had more page time with her. Same as with the first book, reading Sol Forne was like read a folktale with out the warm and fuzzy feelings that comes at the end. This is a dark and gritty adventure novel and it will never apologize for one second.

A Contract in Sol Forne is a great change of pace novel for any reader wanting to try something different. A play on the stories we have all seen before but in a darker shadow. Blink and you will miss the shock and awe, scream and the miss the laughter and tension to follow. This is an all encompassing story that will win you over one page at a time.


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