The Severing Son (The Sundred Nation #1) by Vaughn Roycroft

I recieved a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review. The Tales of the Bringer of Urrian have been told from one generation to the next but the time to start paying attention is now. The Spali have invaded the Borderlands and are causing chaos in every way possible. A long told prophecy will be revealed with the son of an outcast warrior trying to protect his family from the raiding horde. Fates and destiny’s will be forever changed in this debut novel and long time fans of John Gwynne’s Faithful and the Fallen series will love this tale.

The Severing Son is a two person POV story making for a more tight-knit story. Vahldan is the son of an outcast clan leader living away from the main town with his family. Vahldan’s father was accused of murdering his rival and now the family are suffering the consequences for it. Besides training, hunting, and doing chores for his family, Vahldan hopes for something so much more and he is about to get it. Spali warbands have invaded Vahldan’s land and he is caught in the middle of it trying to save his family. His fate will take a wild turn when he is saved by the Skolani blade wielder Elan and is wisked away for shelter and protection. Vahldan’s destiny will forever be tied to Elan’s and their journey together has only just begun.

Elan and her warband save the outcast family from the invading warband but she also realizes that the outcast son has the exact resemblance for the Bringer as predicted. When Elan and the outcast son soon realize that religion and political forces on both sides of the war will be after the Bringer, they have no choice but to flee. Fast paced and riveting action scenes will turn The Severing Son into a page turner all fans will enjoy.

As I mentioned earlier in my review, the author has almost the exact same writing style as my favorite epic fantasy author John Gwynne and I do not use those words lightly. The action scenes are intense without being overly descriptive, the pacing is right on point, and the characters are the driving force of the story. When you add on top of that the secrets, political and miltary intrigue, and the prophecy that may not be what you think into the mix, you are really cooking with fire. I will say that the names of the places and characters were a bit confusing for me to start off with given that some of them sound and look the same. That being said, I got the hang of it before getting to the good stuff.

The Severing Son is an epic fantasy quest and adventure centered around destiny and free will. Who is really pulling the strings in thie struggle and are the two main characters actually in control of their fates. All these questions and more will be answered in this debut novel. The sequel can’t get here fast enough for me to sink my teeth into.


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