Hymn by Ken Scholes Pslams of Isaak #5

We have now come to the concluding volume in the Pslams of Isaak series and it was impossible to predict which way the story would turn. Visions, dreams, and plans which begun from the earth shattering events at the begining of Lamentation are coming around full circle. Our characters are smacked into the middle of these opposing forces. There will be too much pain and suffering to bare among friends and enemies but Ken navigates these water to a shocking conclusion. This is a series in need of a wider audience for the originality and shocking twists to go along with it. This will be a spoiler free review but I will be discussing events from the previous novels.

Neb has unlocked the moon wizards tower with the help of a rejuvenated Petronus but he is still in need of the staff to make the final dream a realization. With control of the moon wizards gate, Neb can now move between Firsthome and Lasthome in an instant with the help of his god-like powers and the kin-dragons he now controls. The race is on to find Vlad before he causes even more damage. Jin Li Tam experience the shocking choices her father has made on the Crimson Empire resulting in the death of her son Jacob and the Crimson Empress herself. Of course we as the reader know that this is a ploy on the part of Vlad but this will not stop Jin from seeking out vengeance. An army is being mustered to combat Vlads tyranny but the biggest challenge will be Jin telling the horrifying faith of her son to Rudolfo.

Isaak have been remade into the body of The Watcher now rides the behemoth with Marta in search for the Moon Wizard Staff just like Neb. His journey will lead to so many twists and turns I could hardly believe where the story was taking me. New factions will be introduced into this novel but that would be for the reader to discover. Winters has seen the final dream and must now lead her people out of danger and to the moon. This is the dream her and Neb first saw in Lamentation and she must take up he place in this new order.

I will be honest and say that I was a little bit thrown for a loop while making my way through this volume. It felt like each chapter new factions where being introduced into the story, which worked for the plot but seemed a bit out of left field. I should also say that normally in each chapter for the first four books in the series, there where three character shifts while in Hymn there were at least four. With all this being said, Hymn is a fantastic end to an amazing epic fantasy/sci-fi series. I can guarantee that no one has ever attempted something anywhere close to this series and Ken Scholes should be celebrated. The lore and history of this world is so vast and untouched that I’m sure another series can be built with the threads left for us to consume. The character Arcs couldn’t have ended any other way and you will be smiling by the end of this book.

The Pslams of Isaak is a journey not to be forgotten and it is just the beginnings of my interations with author Ken Scholes. If you are interested, Ken and I will be doing a deep dive podcast episode of the whole series to the nuts and bolts and it ill be a smashing time. I hope to see you there my friends.


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