Prince of the Wasteland (The Book of Thrice Dead #1) by Joseph Sale

So what do you get when you combine an urban fantasy, in a apocalyptic setting, with main characters walking around like gods? A thrilling and kickass story that took me back to my love of Marvel and Sandman. With the novel being less than two hundred pages and short chapters this is sure to be a quick action packed read with the sequel coming right around the corner. Oh, did I mention that ths series takes place in a multiverse?!?!

The rubble of New York City is now controlled by those with the talent known as the Apostles. The Apostles are ruled by The Prince, as talent with one eye and the gift of forsight to control the present. Prince sends out his minions to roundup those left alive that might contain the talent to prevent a possible coup. One such minion is Brian Mor also know as the Man in the Black Hat. Brian was a police officer in his former life but has now become an assassin for The Prince with his talent of invisibility. Brian finds his tasks to be more and more dark and he starts to question the motives and sanity of The Prince. When Brian is tasked with killing a little girl with talent his whole world will come crashing down as he has a difficult choice to make.

Splice is a sneaky drug addict with the talent to contort his body to fit into small places. You do not want to know how he got his name! When the other Apostles starts to question his drive and desires when he is under the influence, Splice makes is way underground to encounter an old friend. A friend with a bone to pick with those who live above and listen to the one called The Prince.

Hopefully that is enough of a synopsis to get you invested in this epic. I almost never read urban fantasy but this one had me from the very first chapter. The setting is essentially the byproduct of the destruction and after effects of World War III and the novel goes into the specifics. The chapters are short, quick, and will always hit you with something new about each and every charcter. We even get some viewpoints from the surviors of the nuclear fallout and how they are living as best they can. The non-talent live in fear of The Apostles but they are secretly look for their stronghold. There will be blood to pay on all fronts and we are here to pick up the pieces.

From the gripping cover to the synopsis of the story and all else in between, Prince of the Wasteland is the exact ride I needed. The story has grit, edge, shocks, and so much more that I can’t wait to dive into. Count me in for the next installment coming out in February 2023 so mark your calendars!


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