Requiem by Ken Scholes Pslams of Isaak #4

Welcome back to The Named Lands and places beyond! The ending to Antiphon was so impactful that I couldn’t go too long before picking up the next entry in the series. If Antiphon was the book of mysteries then Requiem is the book of vengence and shocking surprises every which way. Time and time again Ken Scholes will push the envelope until the whole story will get turned on its head. The stage is set for the epic concluding volume but a Requiem is at hand.

Jin Li Tam has agreed to embark to the Y’zir capital with her son Jakob for their own safety. Here Jin will learn many secrets the Empire has been hiding including the ultimate one of who the Crimson Empress is. The prophecy was that her son Jakob and the Empress are to be wed to bring forth a new age of peace, but Jin is tasked with killing the Empress before it is all too late. Will she be up to the task? After enduring the kin-healing ritual, Winter has been granted exile and the safety of her people from her sister Ria. Traveling with Charles, they are both trying to pick up the pieces from their previous encounters. Neb has seemingly vanished after appearing reborn with god-like powers and the dream is ever callling to Winter to bring her people home. Charles is searching for Isaak who he fears was destroyed in the final battle with The Watcher. An under ground cult and secret missions are at play on the main land so don’t blink for one second.

Neb has found the Antiphon, a ship built by the mechancal servants from the dreams, and has left his home planet with Petronus to travel to the moon. There, Neb will be searching for the Moon Wizards Tower to complete the final sequence of the dream in order to bring his people home, but he is missing the Moon Wizard Staff. The keepers of the tower library will be revealed on the moon and there is much more to be seen than even I anticipated. Finally we have Vlad Li Tam, haunted by the kin-healing ritual and death of his family by Ria in Canticle. Vlad has found the Moon Wizard Staff and is on the march to the capital city of Y’zir. “I will build an army from this pain”, and boy does Vlad’s chapters pack the ultimate punch to the gut. Hidden powers and agenda’s are rising in The Named Lands and you won’t see any of them coming.

Unlike the previous book where a slow burning needed to take place in order to ensure the finale sequence ended with a bang, Requiem is a non-stop heart beating journey with twists seeming to come in every single chaper. We are introduced to several new characters in this story that sometimes it will seem like a bit too much. The plot pushes forward I would say more in this book than the previous thre combined with me having no clue where the ending of this book will lead.

If you are looking for action, magic, history, mystery, shock, blood, and so much more then this is the book in the series that brings all of that into one. The stage is now set for the final volume Hymn and the scope of this world is so much bigger than I could have ever imagined. This is a gem of a series so far and one more people need to get there eyes on. Don’t miss your chance!


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