Sul (From Gold to Iron and Rust #1) by J. Davis and K. Grierson

I received an ARC from the authors in exchange for a honest review. I was lucky enought to be sent an early version of this book before the kickstarter finished. This is quiet simply a stunning piece of art!!!! From the cover, to the quality of the paper used in the printing, and the jaw dropping illustrations after each and every chapter. The story is one of ambitions and betrayals, pride with a sense of dread, and destiny combined with a tragic nightmare all tangled into one compelling novel. Still interested? Then lets dive in.

King Elmes is ruler of the island kingdom Torro – Anwo and looking to expand his influence over his kingdom. When word is recieved that an expedition has returned from the north, Elmes takes it upon himself to be the one to explore the new world. But then disaster strikes and his consort is murder by an old demon named Aysel, who has more to say in the plot of this story than you may think. Aysel was tasked with freeing Elmes slave Enoch and to return him to the north where the plot of this story kicks into hyperdrive. King Elmes feeling betrayed embarks on the mission to discover the north and all the dangers it may hold.

Father Cydric is looked upon as a living saint from his people of the mud and comes from a time long lost. Their is no length Cydric will go through to protect his people from any and all enemies. Margo is a young and ambitous woman who has big plans in store for her. When the mission from Sulaai makes its way to the mudlands, Margo sees her golden opportunity as she is destined to be the mother of the next king. Everything will be turned on its head and you won’t see what is in store.

The writing style will draw you in while taking you on a journey through the wilderness with danger around every corner. The magic in this book will without a doubt be the shining star for many readers but for me the inner conflicts our characters have to endure and in some cases suffer through is where my money is at. I will say that it is not until the half way point that the plot will take off and everything will be turned upside down. Elmes empire will be won but he may have to loss everything he hods dear to maintain it. What would you sacrifice to reach your goal?

It was a joy to be able to read this book. With all cards on the table, our characters will go through thick and thin to be the last one standing. Don’t speed read through this or you may miss the shocking moments. I look forward to seeing other reviews of this book when the kickstarter releases into the world but until then, happy reading!!!


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