Until The Last (The Last War #3) by Mike Shackle

Tha Last War also know as Sekanowari has finally arrived and the main event is about to begin. Every nail biting, heart stopping, crushing twists, and unforgettable grimdark moments have led to this. The line in the sand has been drawn and both sides are ready for battle. As the saying goes we will fight with every last bite of strength we have, until the last! What a way to end a fantastic trilogy with a bang! This will be a spoiler free review but I will be touching upon events from the previous novels.

Tinnstra has returned from the past with her daughter Zorique and both are as powerful as ever. They will need to be the driving force for the people of Jia to survive the genocide to come. Zorique has now become the beacon of light she was always destined to be but something else begins to wane of Tinnstra’s heart. So many live have been lost for the people of Jia and if she had her way, she would end the war herself with one swift blow. Going mad from the effects of the Jacara water, there is no telling what Tinnstra might do for the war to end. Jax is now the leader of a group of mercenaries with Mauri. Jax is still haunted by the torture he has endured from book 1 and his mind still returns to that dark place every night. His mission is to rendevous with Zorique and here allies but someone else has other things in story for Jax. Raaku has been planning for this day for centuries and nothing will stand in his way. This task has been fortold to him since he was a child and the final moments need to be planned for carefully. If you enjoy grim battle scenes and a lot of blood, buckle your seatbelt and prepare for takeoff!

Due to the number of characters and the scope of the series, I had a difficult time remembering several of the side characters for the first couple of chapters. Things eventually started to click after a while but be warned this may happen to you as well. Mike Shackle has no problems taking you to the dark places of a battlefield while sticking a knife if your back over and over again. The writting was done to perfection but it was the more quiet moments that really got me. No spoilers here but there is a character we follow that has visions of the future. He is in service to Raaku against his will and breaks down each time his visions are completed. The way this character’s story was resolved and the links being made are some of the best story telling I have read in a novel. I wish I could say more but you will see it just like I have. Blood will be spilt and lives will be lost. Vengence will be had but the pain will forever remain on the red plain of battle.

One of the best conclusions anyone could have asked for with a grimdark series. It won’t always go the way you may want, but trust the author to show you the full scope of the novel. Without a doubt, The Last War is a series I plan on rereading at some point dow the road. Until then, I only have one question for the author. What are you going to write next?


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