Canticle by Ken Scholes Psalms of Isaak #2

The sequel novel to this sci-fi/fantasy genre blender will be sure to send fans of Lamentation into a spin. This series takes a very dark turn as the pieces of the puzzle are slowly being put into place. Looking back on my experience reading Lamentation I realize the brilliance of Ken Scholes. The debut needed to be constructed in a slow burn approach so that Canticle can hit the ground running and build off of what came before. If you were feeling 50/50 on how you felt after reading book 1, Canticle is a brilliant sequel I look forward to discussing with you. This will be a spoiler free review but I will be touching upon events from book 1.

The city of Windmir is has been brought to ashes along with the thousands of victims. The pope in hiding Petronus has now taken control of the new Androfrancine order and had Sethbert to death for his crimes of destroying the holy city. Petronus actions has also incited a civil war amoung the delta states to the south and a bargain will need to be made. Rudolfo is throwing a grand feast to celebrate the birth of his heir with Jin Li Tam. He is tasked with building a grand new library with the help of his mechservitor Isaak, the same Isaak responsible for the destruction of Windwir. At the beginning of the celebration, invisible assassins attack and kill high ranking nobles but Rudolfo is left unharmed. A scheme is taking place and the one making all the moves may be in some way connected to House Li Tam. Finally we have Neb, first hand witness to the destruction of Windwir and servent of Petronus in burying the dead of the fallen city. Now in the service of Rudolfo, Neb recieves a message from the churning wastes with a secret message for Petronus. This message will change the game as we know it so buckle up!

I loved everything about this book and I was not prepared for the shocking scenes that would follow. I will say this again, the story will take a dark turn so readers need to be warned and prepared for when this shift takes place. The story unfolds like a meticulous game of chess where moves done in the past laid the foundation for the avalanche to come. Characters and groups are all pulling the strings in the background with the mystery of the plot still pulling me in a thousand different directions. A hidden power thought long dead is returning to prominence and the shocking revelation of who is behind the chaos almost destroyed me. Ken Scholes is writting plots within plots the whole way through Canticle and I have the sequel ready to go.

The Psalms of Isaak is unlike any series I have every read and it is shaping up to be one of my favorites. The mystery around every turn is the hook that will keep readers guessing the whole way thorugh and I am here for it. When I complete this series I very much intend to have the author on my podcast for a breakdown of this wonderful series and Ken has graciously agreed to join. Be on the lookout for that hopefully not to far away!


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