The Red Man and Others by Angeline B. Adams and Remco van Straten

I recieved a copy of this book from the authors in exchange for a honest review. Occasionaly I come across a novel that is refreshing and a story I can get lost in. The Red Man and Others is not a book that reinvents the wheel (pun intended) but intends to tell a story of old in a new and fun way. We follow three different characters all trying to find there place in the world which seems to be falling apart all around them. A blend of classical and historical fiction that any and every reader can enjoy.

Kalia is a sell-sword escorting a caravan as they traverse their way across the land. She is small woman but tough as nails when it comes to protecting her employees and her payoff. On the road to Stratrohad, they come across a follower of The Wheel, a religious cult seeking to spread their influence and power. They will prove to be a larger force to be reckoned with. Once the cult is dispersed, Kalia discovers a prisoner of The Wheel named Sebastian. Now Sebastian is humorous thief and con-artist but develops a friendship with Kalia and the two set out towards Stratrohad for another daring quest. Ymke lives in exile in the north ravaged by war. One day a giant creature known as The Red Man arrives in poor health. Ymke and her father work on nursing The Red Man back to full strength and Ymke will learn much more than how to heal a broken giant. Eventually all the characters will cross paths and the stories will connect in ways even I didn’t see coming.

The writting style is easy to follow and has the feel of a narrator walking you through a historical documentary. It has that classical feel of the great stories I grew up reading while offering something fresh. The fantasy elements are very minimal but the story focus’ on the relationships built and the world itself. The first few chapters will alternate the main POV until everyone unites by the third chapter. Towards the end you will notice several short story’s no more than 3 pages in length and I thought these were brilliantly done. Think of them as a short cut scene into the characters lives after the big event. This is the first book I have read that had exclusicley LGBTQ+ representation and it only added to the story and the characters.

This was a fun read and quick read I probably wouldn’t have been able to find without the authors reaching out to me. This story shows me that the genre is continuing to expand in new and extraordinary ways. There is no telling what stories will come out next. Great job by the authors in bringing this tale to life as I had a slendid adventure.


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