Rebirth (Divinity’s Twilight #1) by Christopher Russell


Today is my stop on the Escapist Tour! I recieved a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. What we have here is a true genre blender of fantasy and sci-fi I hope to see more authors use in the future. Hidden in the struggles of war are the secret histories of how the kingdom was formed. Three brothers fighting on different sides of the conflict are called to arms to battle over power. Historical texts have been written about this struggle but what if the stories past down through the centuries are incorrect. This is the story of finding that lost history no matter the costs.

My review is going to be mainly on the prologue which I believe is the perfect set up for what you should expect in the book. The prologue takes place seven hundred years in the past and tells the story (as we believe to be) of Darmatus, Rabban, and Sarcon. With advanced technology giving us a taste of the science the world has to offer, we still see plenty of magic. As you will find out the further you get into the series there is a plethera of magical attributes and types of mages left to explore. The three brothers contain traces of Men’ar in the blood which enhances there the use of magic. Driven the the edge of destruction from undead creatures and psychic attacks Darmatus finally reaches his brother Sarcon. Sarcon in his final act unleashes a weapon upon the world and Darmatus makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his people. This is what the histories have told you but that isn’t even half of the true story.

Christopher Russell’s debut novel leans just as much on the atmosphere of the world as it does the plot. Each chapter is riddled with tremendous amounts of worldbuilding in a slow burn buildup towards the finale. Some would actually say that the first half of the book may have too much packed into it but I will say that this is done for a reason. Once the main storyline is introduced we are always brought back to that titanic prologue as its effects will be felt continuously. The writting style can come across as dense but given the number of talented authors I have read this past year, this was right up my alley. Never expect that you will know the answer to the questions this story has to offer. Especially since I have plenty more as I patiently wait for book 2.

The landscape of the world has changed dramatically since the Illyriite War seven hundred years in the past. Alliances have been made a destroyed but the mysteries of the land remain. History is always told by the victors but what is that history is based on a lie? Be sure to read this novel and find out.


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