Wolfeater (A Tale of the Grey Crow) by Anthony Mitchell

I recieved an audible code from the author in exchange for an honest review. What we are presented with here is a nordic inspired fantasy story with plenty of grit. A warrior feared by all has now become the hunted as he races across the land to reach the Blackstone to communiate with his gods once again. The only problem is that it is forbidden and both friends and enemies will be sent to stop the warrior from disturbing the way of things, for better or worse.

Radok is a warrior of the Grey Crow tribe and is feared by all with his infamous name, Wolfeater. If you don’t believe me, just ask the wolf tribe whom Radok has killed many times over. After a bloody mission, Radok is cursed with the slow death of the black lung and he only has a very short time to live. He decides to embark on one final quest to reach the Blackstone and get answerd from the seven gods once again. With him is Nyana, a blind eight year old girl who Radok has adopted as a daughter. Nyana wants to be with Radok until the end as she starts to hear the voices of the Gods themselves. For a girl or woman to touch the Blackstone is forbidden and the hunt will begin for the two characters by friends and foes. The story will kick into high gear before you know it.

This story is an edge of your seat type of thrill ride with action, religion, blood, and the sense of wonder. Radok’s story of redemption from the monster he has become to the guardian he needs to be is something that stuck with me throughout the story. Also in the story is a shaman of the Grey Wind who is told by the seven Gods to not let Radok and Nyana near the Blackstone, but an eight voice may be having his way with this character. The pacing is quick and the plot never feels stale. There weren’t too many surprises that I didn’t see coming but the emotional character moments many wil find surprising. Glory and fame are not what defines a man, but the connections with friends and loved ones will last a lifetime.

Never forget the impact you may have on those around you. Even in your darkest moments, those strings of hope will lead you back from the abyss. Although Wolfeater works as a standalone I’m sure the author has many more works in this world. I will be sure to add them to my TBR.


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