The Misfit Soldier by Michael Mammay

Military science fiction has been a staple of the genre dating all the way back to Joe Haldeman with The Forever War. At least as far back as my reading experiences have taken me. What do you get when you combine a war story with Ocean’s Eleven? A comic adventure staring a POV with the name Gas! You heard that right, with his ragtag crew of misfits no soldier will be left behind.

Sergent Gastovsky or Gas to his superior officers has returned from a mission when me committed the one sin you never do in the military, leave a soldier behind. The problem is that no one seems to care for Gas and his problem. When he tries to stow away on a cargo ship intended to go planetside, Gas is court martialed and brought before Colonel Gwan where things take a turn. Gwan knows the predicament that Gas is in but due to the red tape of command he can’t send a battlion to rescue the lost soldier until he has the “numbers” to back up such a mission. Gas is tasked with “finding” the numbers for the mission to be a go. By any means necessary.

This book is very much an adventure with a comic relief. Gas may be a thick headed clown with an attitude but loyal to a fault. No one will ever question the devotion Gas holds to his crew and no stone will be left unturned to get the job done. I laughed out loud several times with the banter between Gas and his crew but that I will leave foe the adventurous minds to discover. The chapters will fly by as you wait in anticipation for the next laugh.

This was a fun journey to dive into. This standalone book will bring fans old and new to the scene and open up the playbook to what the genre can bring. This was my first book by Michael Mammay and it certainly will not be my last. Very much looking forward with whatever thhis author has to offer.


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