Aestus: The City (Book 1) by S.Z. Attwell

The devastating effects of Global Warming has made the surface of the earth so devastating that society has turned to the underground for shade and shelter. This has been the way of life for centuries and for Jossey, its just another day on the circut. Until one day her life will change forever and she will not know who to trust in this epic sci-fi novel about vengeance, climate, resources, and engineering. Fans of Dune will flock to this series and it is the authors debut novel.

Jossey is a solar engineer working in the underground city of Aestus. Her childhood has been shattered when she witnessed the death of her brother at the hands of the Onlars. The Onlars are surface creatures of unmatched strength, speed, and the enemies of all human civilization. Jossey’s job is to help with the agricultural food supply to the city and how the resources are used in a more efficient manor.

In the present day, during a routine train ride to Aestus, the train is attacked by a dreaded Onlar. Jossey manages to slay the Onlar based on her earlier interaction with the creatures years earlier. With the help of her uncle Gavin, Jossey is moved to the Patrol team as a field engineer to help combat the Onlars. What Jossey learns on her missions will start a chain of events that could mean the down fall of Aestus but also her knowledge of who can be trusted.

Reading this story brought back the same feelings I had when reading Dune. Futuristic sci-fi novel with politics, martial arts type of fighting, politics, scarcity of resources, and twists around every corner. The chapters are short and I had no problem reading this book ten chapters at a time until I burned through the final hundred pages. The writting style is not overly dense but a continuous moving plot I found similar to John Gwynnes books. Giving the reader just enough information while being engaged in a wonderful plot. Don’t take your eyes away from the page for a second or you might miss the rug being pulled out from under you.

Anyone looking for a good introduction to sci-fi or veterans of the genre will enjoy this book. A possible future to what could happen on Earth and the damaging consequences is something we should all be mindful of. Lookout for me to be continuing with the series soon.


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