The Mirror Breaks by Ricardo Pinto The Stone Dance of the Chameleon #6

We have now come to the penultimate book in this seven book series and please excuse my language but, OH MY FREAKING GOD! The way this book ended is enough to crush the most unshackable human on the planet. Carnage at every turn and we haven’t even gotten to the huge revelations of this book. With one more volume to go in this dark epic fantasy series like no other, all cards are on the table I can’t bare to look away for one second. This will be a spoiler free review but I will be touching upon events from the previous volumes.

Carnelian and Osidian have invaded The Guarded Land once again and taken control of the city of Makar. With the help of their Leper allies and those of the lower reach, the two Masters plan on taking their anger to the capital of Osrakum. With the strength of the dragons at their back, nothing can stand in the way of vengenace until Carnelian starts to realize the dreams he has been having are coming true. Deception and secrecy is on full display in the city of Makar and Carnelian has discovered one of the twelve Grand Sapients at the heart of the city. Revelations about these creatures and their homunculus servants will be revealed as well as who holds the real power in The Guarded Land. War has arrived and it will always leave the innocents harmed in its path.

The Mirror Breaks is the book of war and the tactics both sides need to take in order to ensure victory. The research and execution into how the battle unfolds onto the page in nothing short of brilliant. This is also the book of revelations and secrets. We find out a lot about the world, political structure, and the true costs of life in an army. Warning because it is not all campfires and telling funny stories with a pint of mead.

I felt the emotional turmoil around every turn and I was not prepared for the last few chapters. Faces new and old will make their way back into the story and it will just make the story that much harder to endure. As always the writting of Ricardo Pinto is direct but elusive in terms of the full implications at the same time. Be sure you are logged onto his website for the Bible to his Stone Dance of The Chamelion series as it will be eye opening in several different ways.

The Mirror Breaks is a one of the most soul crushing novels I have ever read and I would put this up against any grimdark novel on the market today. How this series is not universally praised by grimdark lovers across the world I can never understand. I have one more book left in the series and this is starting to feel like the most unbelievable series I will read but one I would never want to read again. That is the impact I feel with ever chapter and I’m sure I will not be the only one. Once more unto the breach my dear friends. The ending is near.


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