Where Blood Runs Gold by A.C. Cross

I recieved a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review. Today is my stop on the Escapist Tour and we move into the genre of Weird Westerns. All the typical troupes of those Western moves we have grown to love over the years preside in this book. Desert town, rustic saloon, rugged shieriff, and good old fashion guns fights. The kicker is this story comes with a twist as the desert is surrounded by this flesh eating Dust which can be a gift of protection from the outside and a curse for trapping the people in isolation from the outside world. Can you traverse the dust?

Sheriff Errol Thorpe is the noise that comes knocking in the night when he feels heads need to role. He maintains law and order in his town but when outsiders arrive, his world will never be the same. When a gang of crew members known as the Elder Boys arrive in San Dios with three “passengers”, Errol has some questions to ask. Turns out Errol will find himself in a web of violence, politics, and secrets involving a mother and two children. Errol will need to discover once again what it is like to be a person again at all costs. All the while, we get flash backs to Errol past involving his wife and daughter who are no longer with him. These flashbacks will tear on your heartstrings but that is just icing on the cake.

This is a slowburn type of story as we wait for all the layers to be peeled back, with plenty of action along the way. Like the wild west and the Gold Rush of the 1800’s, this is a story of discovery especially when it comes to the poltical power and the one pulling the strings. Don’t expect everything to click into place right away as it took me a good five chapters to be fully invested in the story. So bare that in mind should you decide to jump in.

Where Blood Runs Gold is a great addiction to the Wierd Western genre. Although not the most groundbreaking story on the market, this will bring many emotions every step of the way. A big thank you the A.C. Cross and Escaptist Tours for having me on the book tour.


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