A King’s Radiance by L.R. Schulz

I recieved a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. What immediatly gravitated me towards this book was the cover and how the colors are beaming with beauty and radiance (pun intented). However, the cover is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to what you will read in this book. Three siblings seperated by tragic circumstances in the past now find themselves as focal pieces of an immenent war. We follow a rebel, a prince, and a prisoner while the world searches for resources in people who can harness great power but there is always a cost to be paid. There are some dark themes in this debut novel so make sure you are prepared.

Raiz Glaive has runaway from is royal heritage following his sister being taking prisoner by the knights of The Eagle. Unable to forgive his father and brother for not stopping this injustice, Raiz has formed his own group of outcast to stop this future children from being taken. Raiz is also a strong weilder of the Shine, an ability to use the power of the sun for good or evil. Vengenace will drive Raiz to the edge of reasoning until he discovers the truth behind who holds power in Zapour. Dazen Glaive is the oldest sibling left behind to one day rule the kindgom when the time comes. Pushed to the front and center in court politics and commander of the troops during the upcoming war. Despite the sins of his past, Dazen has never stopped looking for his brother or wanting vengeance for what has happend to his sister. Dazen is very much handcuffed in the world of politics from making a move until rumblings come of an uprising against The Eagle and the Kings Radiance. Isha Glaive was taken away from her family simply for having the violet eyes of a mystic. Isha is paraded as a piece of human art by her mastes but she has not lost hope of gaining her freedom. She will form bonds with her fellow prisoners and discover who holds the true power in Zapour. It will not be who you expect!

There are many different factions I can discuss here but by far my favorite parts were reading the adventures of Raiz and his team. We have his pet lizard type creature Spike who will bite your hand off like butter. Draz is a mercenary type warrior with a metal helmet which he never takes off. Aroha is a monsterous giant creature and she will have you quiver in your boots. Last but not least we have Veil, a slim woman but the deadliest of all and I won’t spoil the surpirse from you. All of these members were a joy to read and each one unique to the flow of the story. Raiz answers to a master of his own with a secret agenda that will drive the plot forward to the very end. It is a wild story indeed. The magic system was also a joy to read about but it never really became the focal point for me. This is very much a story of vengeance, family, friendship, and secrets.

This is one hell of a debut novel both in scope and ambition. The pacing goes relatively quickly and the writting style is easy to absorb. The characters are what shines in this novel and I can’t wait to read more in this world. Job well done Luke!


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