Review: The Blood of the Spear (The Eye of Eternity #1) by Mark Timmony

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review. This the debut novel for Australian author Mark Timmony and let me tell you that The Blood of the Spear is a smashing success. Epic fantasy centered around a prophecy in relation to two brothers during a time of great peril. With fast paced action scenes, ancient magic, and the fear of evil from the past returning, this novel is sure to keep you on your toes to the very end. It packs multiple punches the whole way through.

Centuries ago the continent of Athmay was shattered by the war between the Summoners for control of the land. Summoners are magic wielders who can bring forth daemonic beings to fight their battles. After the war, the Summoners were all but extinct but Athmay still bears the scars and the daemons summoned during that time still roam free, but are hunted by the Daemon Hunters. In present day, everyone is so fearful of the Summoners returning that they great each other showing the back of their hands, lest the Summoners mark turn the whole continent asunder.

Kaiel is in training to become a member of the Daemon Hunters and during his initiation trial, he is betrayed and loses his place in the band. Wanted for his strength and courage, Kaiel decides to join the Bronze Guard for the protection of Prince Alesandr and to be close to his brother Darien. Darien is in training to become a Ciralys magic user when he is called away to search for missing mercenaries at one of the three citadels. The search leads the group into a dark cavern where a host of daemons have gathered performing a dark ritual. I will leave it here as to not spoil the fun but the story from here takes off like a runaway train and will not let you jump off until the end.

Let me quickly discuss one or two short comings with the debut as the rest will be positive. The prologue and parts of chapter one will be a little clunky and seem like something out of left field. I was confused but it will all makes sense later. The story is so fast paced that some scenes can feel a little rushed and the names of the creatures had me checking the glossary quite a few times to start. Push past this, the story will be easy to understand and the characters will drive in the winning run. Mark’s character are the shinning star with the different motivations, fears, and each one is distinctively unique. My favorite character was Kaiel and his fight to protect even if he doesn’t understand all of the implications of his choices. Also, the side character Sim is a lot of fun and his fascination with munitions brought a smile to face.

The story is more in-depth and complex than I am describing here but nothing overly difficult to enjoy. The writing style I found to be similar to John Gwynne in the smooth deliverance and things evolving organically. This is a fantastic debut novel for Mark Timmony and I look forward to continuing this series. Hopefully real soon!


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