The Fall of Dragons by Miles Cameron Book 5 of The Traitor Son Cycle

If you have been following along with my reviews of the series so far, the twists and turns of the previous four volumes had the propensity of leaving you speechless and bewildered. This finale volume is no different and will push you down a path no one will be able to predict. At its heart, The Traitor Son Cycle is a journey to discover what differences exist between different people/creatures and what are the ways they can overcome them in the face of evil. It is also a story about discovering yourself and how we can sometimes let our darkness moments define who were are. The Red Knight experiences these tragedies throughout the series and he must overcome them. This will be a spoiler free review but I will be touching upon events from the previous volume.

The Red Knight Gabriel has now been crowned Emperor and must take the fight to The Dread Wyrm (Ash) with his new allies. It is revealed that Ash is not only set on the destruction of all his opponents but also after certain magical sources or gates in order for him to conquer not only this world but other as well. These gates are found throughout the land beneath many places our characters hold dear. This can not be allowed to happen as all the resources will be brought together for one finale battle but the battle ground will not be of The Red Knights choosing. The company may have to brave the dreaded unknown with many hidden surprises. Creatures from all over will rally for this final battle but the results will be more tragic than anyone ever imagined.

Miles Cameron is without a doubt one of the best battle scene writers in the genre today. Every scene is put together with such precision and planning that it makes the hard decisions of our characters seem easy. Every character has a purpose to their actions, choices, and emotional turmoil. Some of these will hit very hard indeed. The Fall of Dragons finally reveals the whole meta plot of the story and Miles takes it to the next level with ever chapter. The wonderous and in some cases dangerous terrain will be the focal point and will bring the climactic conclusion to an impactful headway.

This was an epic conclusion to an already hard hitting series. The grand scale of events, characters, plot, and progression of the story I have seen very few authors achieve to great success. It can be hard to keep track of all the characters but that is part of the fun when everything starts clicking together. I was not able to predict any of the outcomes and I remembered the story even after finishing the volume a few years ago. The sign of a great series indeed!



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