Destiny’s Conflict by Janny Wurts The War of Light and Shadow #10

At long last we have reached the latest published book in the War of Light and Shadow series with only the finale left to go. With Destiny’s Conflict being the end of ARC IV, Janny had a big task ahead of her to bring this part of the story to a close and to make the reader leave astonished. I can honestly say that Destiny’s Conflict is one of the best books in the series and every emotion will be felt. Happiness, sadness, fear, exhilaration, shock, and euphoria are the terms that immediately come to mind when describing this book. The goal post will be moved drastically from where we started in The Curse of The Mistwraith and everything will change. This will be a spoiler free review but I will be talking about events from the previous volumes.

Arithon having escaped the confinement of the Koriani and separated from his Caithedian Tarens, he is on a mission to discover his long lost love Elaira, even though he has no memory of her. Along the way he quickly encounters across a brutal scene and comes to the rescue of a young woman. Over the course of the story, Arithon will become entranced in the customs and lifestyle of the Ettinmere. Arithon’s path will be forged with the bonds he makes and the power the Ettinmere posses which can be his undoing.

Lysaer having been saved from the previous battle by Daliana and Dakar finds himself in new surroundings and makes his own choice to leave. Conflicted over her emotions, Daliana makes a deal with none other than Davien to make the presence of his grace available once again. Meanwhile, the Koriani are on the hunt for the Master of Shadows and the True Sect are putting forth a crusade against any and all supporters of Darkness with the Hatchet leading the charge. The scenes in this book will tear your heart out and reshape your imagination several times over.

Several times over the course of reading Destiny’s Conflict, I was constantly brought back to previous scenes for the preceding books. Almost every big scene that has taken place before will be looked upon in a new light based upon the revelations this books contains. From the Kewar Tunnel, to the coronation in Curse, to the oath between Prime and Elaira, to the origins of the seven and the royal lines of Athera. It is all there to be discovered if you have the eagle eye to spot it. If you thought the intentions and schemes of the Koriani, Biedar, and the Seven were crazy before, I promise you have not seen the half of it. The stage has been set for Song of the Mysteries and I have every confidence Janny will create an epic finale for the ages.

If you have joined me on this journey through the War of Light and Shadow series, thank you! This has been such a joy and incredible experience that I may have never had the courage to tackle. I can now declare myself as a lifelong fan of Janny’s work and I am eagerly waiting for the finale. Don’t keep us waiting too long Janny!


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