Traitor’s Knot by Janny Wurts The War of Light and Shadow #7

After the earth shattering revelations and emotional turmoil Janny threw our way in Perils Gate, my mind and body was preparing for the worst when picking up Traitor’s Knot. Although Traitor’s Knot does have its fair share of stomach turning scenes and shocking turn of events, it is balanced out by laugh out loud moments especially surrounding Dakar and Fionn. We get a little bit of a reset before the ending sequence ratchets up the intensity and is a perfect set up for the final book in Arc III, Stormed Fortress. This will be a spoiler free review but I will be touching upon events that took place in the previous volumes.

Arithon has mastered the Kewar tunnel and achieved self redemption. His reward for withstanding the internal torture the maze has to offer is he is now a guest of Davien the Betrayer and his library of knowledge. Davien is a sorcerer of the Fellowship and has been waiting in the background for the right moment to make his presence felt since his self-isolation. While studying up on past knowledge, Arithon comes to the decision that he will never shed blood again regardless of the circumstance and he will avoid battles at all costs. The Alliance of Light is moving and war may be inevitable. Lysaer is taking one head shot after another and it has very little to do with the curse. His first wife Talith dead from suicide (although we know that is a lie) while his current wife Ellaine has fled the Alliance while grieving the loss of their son Kevor. All the while, Lysaer has fallen under a strange sickness and it is up to his Lord Commander Sulfin to find answers. I won’t go into too much more detail but this was a wild ride indeed!

For me, Traitor’s Knot is revolves around the changing of perspectives and gaining a better understanding around two characters: Sulfin and Davien. When I was first reading about Sulfin a few books back, I didn’t really like him nor understood his motivations although Janny wrote Sulfin extremely well. This shows me how much of a magician Janny really is because by the end of this book I have done a complete 180 on Sulfin and he is now one of my favorites. The only other character in fantasy to do that for me was Jaime Lannister from A Song of Ice and Fire. We are shown Sulfin’s past, motivations, and the sacrifices he has to make for his Lord and some of them you will not see coming. Davien is the very definition of a wild card with the ability to change the game board instantly. Slowly the layers are starting to be revealed as to his master plan, but not all at once because I respect the process even though it can be painful at times to accept.

The stage is set up for Stormed Fortress which I have been told is Janny’s best work and the favorite among many fans of this series. You know a series is great when each entry keeps toping the other. I have no idea what is in store for me, but if it is anything close to the impact Perils Gate had on me, I might have to curl into a shell for a few days! That’s how good this series is and thank you all for following me on my journey.


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