Ascendant’s Rite by David Hair Book 4 of The Moontide Quartet

We have come to the finale volume in The Moontide Quartet where love, betrayals, war, and the need to ascend is what we have in store. The climax is on the horizon where both continents might hang in the balance. The rites may have been lost to the enemy, but the Queen of Evil has returned and she is looking to correct the misdeeds of the past and it ends with bloodshed. This will be a spoiler free review but I will be touching upon events from the previous books.

The war for Antiopia is coming to its climax as the Leviathan Bridge will soon return to the sea once again. In Javon, the once imprisoned Cera Nesti now resides over the throne until her brother comes of age. Cera will be leading the rebellion against the Rondian Empire but she will do so without the full trust of her people due to her past actions. She will have to muster all her courage and tenasity and channel it into the battle effort in order to come out on top.

The Scytale of Cornieus has fallen into the enemies hands and now their is nothing to stop Seeress Huriya and Inquisitor Malevorn from destroying the continent of Antiopia. The only hope resides with our two heroes: Ramita and Alaron. Ramita, now has given birth to her twin children and is now the most powerful mage on Urte. As she has ascended, Alaron is training with the Zain monks and has discovered the secret of the Queen of Evil and what really took place many years ago. The Rite of Ascendancy will need to be performed and the final showdown will come on the Leviathan Bridge itself.

What else could I possible say about this series except that the worldbuilding and character development are spectacular. When you throw on top of that an intricate and unique magic system, you have an epic saga unlike anything I have read in many years. The Moontide Quartet has something for every type of reader and the twists just keep on coming until the very end. What makes David Hairs writing so great is his attention to detail and scope of the world our characters reside in. We have multiple battles taking place across the continent and each one flows with a purpose in connecting to the bigger plot. The history and lore of this world will also knock you off of your feet with the constant reliving, tweaks, and revelations done regarding the same scene from the past that your perception from Book 1 will be forever changed. It takes a great author to pull this off and David Hair is definitely in that class.

Thus brings to an end to one of my all time favorite series but with plenty of meat on the bone for future works. In fact, a sequel series titled the Sunsurge Quartet has been finished and released for the community to enjoy. I am not long from starting on that sequel series myself as I can not get enough of this world. The only question left to be decide is who else is going to join me on this journey?


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