Peril’s Gate by Janny Wurts The Wars of Light and Shadow #6

Everything we have learned on our journey up until and in some case including Peril’s Gate will change. The culmination of planning, foreshadowing, and patience on the part of Janny Wurts for years has come into full bloom. The results will leave you emotionally, physically, and physiologically drained like running the New York City marathon. I was not ready for this tale to be told, but this is just the tipping point in this series and there is no turning back. Full steam ahead for me until the end (which Janny is just about to complete!) This will be a spoiler free review but I will be touching upon certain events from the previous novels.

Please do not continue to read if you have not read up to and including Grand Conspiracy as this section will contain spoilers. The Grand Conspiracy has taken place as the Morriel Prime and her minions have unleased the powers of her order of Athera itself. Causing the balances of nature and order to be out of focus, the Fellowship has to fix the balances before evil is unleashed. Meanwhile the plan to capture the Master of Shadow using Fionn as bait has failed and the two are on the run from the city guards and the Koriani. Meanwhile, the attack by the Prime has caused another presence from pasted to be brought back to the land once again. I won’t spoil it for anybody but the ramifications for this are huge and the story will be shaped drastically by this character. I can’t go into much more detail than that due to spoilers but I want to explore the ever evolving themes present in Janny Wurts masterpiece.

Peril’s Gate is indeed the tipping point in the series and events that have taken place in the previous 5 books will be shown through a different lens. But beyond that, this book is about discovering not some great power or enemy that needs to be defeated. The true enemy lies within ourselves and the limitations that bind us to the chains of the human psyche. Several different characters will be put through turmoil and pain on both sides of the conflict but the way these conflicts are handle will shape the person they will choose to be.

Some will take their pain out on others while other will internalize the conflict and the destruction will slowly eat away at the inner shields. Relationships as well as redemption are the driving forces in this novel and I can’t express enough how much of a gut punch these themes will deliver. Elaria’s undying love for Arithon will be put to the test in more ways than one and it will have you screaming for relief. Jieret’s devotion and pride for Arithon and the duties he must fullfill. Even the Morriel Prime lust for vengeance will have lasting effects on her relationship with the Koriani and the future is not so clear.

Self discovery and forgiveness can not be expressed enough both as a center focus for Peril’s Gate but in everyday life. This past year has been terrible to say the least and in some cases a nightmare. I can’t imagine the pain some people might be feeling, but one thing this series has taught me is that don’t go through this alone. It is ok to be vulnerable and defeated as long as we let the ones who love us share in our pain. Nothing will last forever and brighter days will come. Learn to forgive yourself of your past indiscretions and shortcomings but never forget the past. I will leave you with my favorite quote from Peril’s Gate: “What is a flaw but a human mistake, or an ignorance that sees without options?” We are our own worst enemy and the hardest struggles are the ones within. This series made me realize that and I am beyond grateful to Janny Wurts for this journey. The die is cast and the march has begun to the end.


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