Lamentation by Ken Scholes Psalms of Isaak #1

This is a story I have had the pleasure of reading a few years ago and it sits squarely in the category of fantasy/sci-fi blend. The novel revolves around long forgotten technology being unleased and causing chaos while neighboring factions are striving for power. Religion will also play a big role within the Named Lands on the brink of war and the ramifications of this destructions will leave the world shattered.

An ancient weapon has destroyed the city of Windwir, “a city of paper, robes and stone,” and the center for religious order in the Named Lands. Windwir was the name of the first pope of the new world and the secrets hidden within this city could change the world. Rudolfo, the Lord of the Nine Forest House, sees the smoke on the horizon can see war coming to the Named Lands with this event and he must gather the army. Nebios is a young apprentice waiting for his father when the destruction of Windwir takes everything he holds dear taken from him. Nebios is the only survivor and he soon comes into contact with the fisherman Petronus, who knows much more about Windwir than he should and action must be taken to ensure nothing falls into the wrong hands. Sethbert is the Overseer of the Entrolusian City States and he gloats in triumph witnessing the engulfing blaze upon the horizon. He plans to use his daughter Lady Jin Li Tam as a pawn for political power but Jin Li has plans of her own in the works.

Ken Scholes debut novel can be described as a plethora of ideas and creative themes put forth in a constructive story, but it is up to the reader to see whether he pulls it off or not. The story balances fantasy elements such as magic while also including machines and weapons of war found in a Sci-fi novel. Some of the characters are not the most interesting to read, but each one brings something unique and different to the plot. Civilization has advanced but the core principles of faith, love, and power still hold weight. There is a mystery carefully set up in the background which will start to creep its way to the forefront while our characters are dealing with conspiracies and betrayals. The writing style is razor sharp and the prose are beautifully written but it does require a little bit of suspense some scenes will seem to fix themselves too conveniently. This is a story about who has the ultimate control and what would happen if that power were to be taken away.

For a debut novel, Lamentation has a lot more positives than negatives and the story is one that more readers should experience. The name of the series is the Psalms of Isaak and each book in the series also has some relation to a music. The next books in the series are titled: Canticle, Antiphon, Requiem, and Hymn. Music will change the future world are characters live in but how will they fair? You will just have to wait and see.


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