Stones of Light by Zach Argyle Threadlight Book 2

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review. Voice of War was a smashing success for Zach Argyle and Stones of Light only builds on that promise. Tensions and the threat of war are running high as the true enemies are revealed leading to what is going to be an epic concluding volume. This will be a spoiler free review, but I will be touching upon events that took place in book 1.

For those of you concerned that you may have forgotten the events of Voice of War, the author has included a summary section describing book one just like what Mark Lawrence does with his books. This is very much appreciated from me considering my growing TBR! Voice of War ended with Chrys giving into the power and drive of the Apogee in order to save his family from the Bloodthieves. Chrys is overcome with raw power and abandons his family to head East. Laurel is stabbed in the heart with an obsidian blade but is found by the Bloodthieves alive and is nursed back to health. Laurel also discovers that she can no longer use threadlight and is giving threadlight blood in order to use her magic once again on a temporary basis. Alverax upon seeing the destruction that the Bloodthieves are inflicting on innocent people of Zeda, decides to help Iriel and Aydin by breaking the Wonderstone and fleeing for the city of Felia.

Upon reaching the city of Felia, the ruler discover that Alverax is an Obsidian Threadweaver and that this is part of a prophecy dating back centuries. As events unfold, Alverax’s choices and morality will be put to the test whether he chooses to except his new role or not. Laurel discovers the true reason for why she survived the wound to her heart and it is directly related to the bigger plot of the Bloodthieves taking control. Laurel was saved in order to be a test subject, but going into it in further detail would be spoiling the fun! Finally, Chrys discovers that the Apogee is not just some strange being but rather the essence of a god and has given its power to Chrys in order to inhabit the mortal world once again. Chrys needs to do everything in his power to break his chains but he will need help to do it.

The magic system is expanded and you will take a deep plunge into the world of threadlight. Stones of Light will also raise the stakes of not only this heroes but the villain’s in their conquests to come. If you enjoyed Voice of War, this is an excellent continuation of the series and now my watch begins for book 3.


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