A Season of Ravens by J.R. Snyder

I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. A Season of Ravens, J.R. Snyder’s debut novel, was just the palate cleanser I needed between reading these massive epic fantasy doorstoppers. This novel is split up into several different stories following the main character of Asher Norwood. The chapters are very quick and well paced keeping the story flowing at all times throughout the novel. J.R. Snyder has truly created a fun series of adventures that any fantasy lover would enjoy, especially warm and cozy by a warm winter fire.

Asher is a sin eater, a guild of mages that exists to combat dark magic wherever it rears its ugly head. Invoking the forces of nature to protect a society that looks down on him, Asher will stop at nothing to defeat the monsters that plague his world. Him along with his raven partner Aethon must traverse the world to looking for rogue monsters that have gone astray, and the several stories you will come across were all fun to read. The real joy of this book was Asher himself. His strength and courage are what really shine through but we also get some sprinkles of Asher’s sell-doubt almost to the point where he struggles to go on. This book has some pretty intense battle scenes and very strong character moments that kept the pages turning. These scenes were written beautifully and I look forward to reading more about Asher in the future.

The stories connect in the end through the characters and the choices they make. A Season of Ravens was a great adventure story that you don’t come across everyday. If you are looking for a fun, different, quick read or a break from the giant tomes in the fantasy genre, this is the book for you. Congratulations J.R Snyder on your debut and I look forward to reading about Asher, Aethon, Rane, and Beatrice in the next volume.


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